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Across industries and regions, the competitive environment today is far more unpredictable than it was even a decade ago, with disruption arising from all angles. Our clients are faced with the significant challenge of determining how to respond to impacts created by the Coronavirus (Covid-19), new technological breakthroughs, new regulatory requirements, shifting customer demands, the emergence of startups and evolving competitive strategies.

The traditional sources of competitive advantage are diminishing and established operating models are becoming obsolete. We frequently see cases of the dominant player being overtaken by more nimble companies with stronger operating models. Disruption is happening faster than ever and businesses need to get ahead of the changing environment to remain viable and profitable.

Our product helps C-suite leaders of organisations both large and small, to simplify the complexity and capitalise on opportunities presented by the disruptive forces in their industries.

Using our in depth industry expertise, we can help you look at your organisation holistically to rapidly identify the best course of action to take, prioritise what really matters and engage your people by helping them connect what they’re doing with why they’re doing it.

We follow a comprehensive 4 step approach to help you evolve and capitalise on opportunities created by disruption.

Regardless of whether you choose to work with us on either one or all of these steps, it’s important to understand they’re all essential for surviving today’s highly disruptive environment.

Slide STEP 2 STEP 4 We help define your new strategy STEP 3 What to Change How to Change Why Change Define Strategy Train Your Teams We help bridge the gap between strategy and operations by clarifying the impacts We help build capabilities to sustain the change by providing tailored training programs Implement the Change STEP 1 Sustain Change Design Operating Model We help connect your people to the change and support you through implementation update


Why Change

We explore inside and outside your industry to provide you with in depth analysis of what others are doing to address your key challenges.

This helps to paint a clearer picture for new ways of working, new customer needs and new forms of value which can inform your new strategy.

The need to transform may either be applicable to your entire enterprise or just to specific functions. 


  • Under utilisation of existing capabilities and assets
  • Not making the best use of data to generate insights and increase value
  • Not being sufficiently close to your customers to identify how their needs impact your priorities
  • Reacting too slowly or lack of agility to respond to opportunities or threats
  • Trying to prioritise everything, dropping the ball and generating change fatigue
  • Making decisions in isolation without considering the overall impact – death by a thousand cuts
  • Budget / investment not linked to strategy with significant amounts of money wasted
  • A culture of no accountability or collaboration along with a disengaged workforce
  • Delivering performance outcomes which don’t match your strategic ambition
  • Provoking change resistance because the change is not embedded appropriately


What to Change

While having a strategy is important, it only engages 5% of your organisation. It’s not enough if your people can’t connect it to how it impacts their day to day work.

An Operating Model is required to engage the remaining 95%. It acts as the ‘North Star’ to align leaders, teams and stakeholders to clearly understand how their strategy will affect what they do. They need to make this connection to understand the ‘why’ behind what they do so they know how they can impact the overall customer experience.

Business as usual incremental improvements aren’t enough to address the disruptive threats in today’s business environment. Our integrated capability tool allows you to take a holistic approach so you can prioritise what really matters and avoid the risk of isolated decision making that doesn’t consider the overall impact to your business.

Depending on the scale of what you want to do, we can work with you to shape the entire Operating Model or just focus on critical areas which are out of sync with the strategy.

Our key objective is to align your leaders and teams and provide you with the road map for implementing the required changes.


How to Change

Once everyone is on the same page for what will change and by when, we can help by identifying ways to fund your transformation journey by pulling on short term levers that can free up capital and immediately impact your bottom line.

We will then support your transformation through using an agile approach to track progress and pivot in the right direction so that further changes can be made to the Operating Model as required.

We will also support you in managing the change impacts for your teams before, during and after the transformation program.


Sustain Change

While collaborating with you to jointly develop the answer is central to our approach, we can build even greater capabilities within both your leaders and teams through our tailored training programs. Having the right capabilities and culture in place is essential for you to sustain change.

Click here to find out more about the different types of training we offer.

We have the experience, team, knowledge, and resources to guide you through even the most complex business transformations.

Our complete, end-to-end approach means that:

We minimise risks and maximise outcomes to help ensure that leaders are aligned, prepared, capable, and motivated to drive major change for their organisation.
We can actually make a difference and get the job done by providing quality, innovative solutions that allow you to transform in your required timeframe while also helping build the capability to sustain the change over time.
We are defined by our collaborative culture that enables us to work naturally and effectively with you to maximise value.