Our competitive rates allow us to provide you with an end to end solution by implementing and being accountable for the recommendations that we propose.

Fund the Journey

We can help by firstly identifying ways to fund your transformation journey by pulling on short term levers that can help you get the house in order and de clutter areas which don’t add value. This will help you to free up capital, immediately impact your bottom line and gain buy-in for what you’re trying to achieve. This may take the form of quickly raising revenue, simplifying the organisation or stopping non value add activities so that you have capacity to focus on the business rather than in the business.

Manage Your Implementation

We will then support your transformation through using an agile approach to track progress and pivot in the right direction so that further changes can be made to the Operating Model as required.

We can help orchestrate the many elements of a large multi-faceted transformation program which may include projects such as implementing shared services, leveraging new sourcing options, ERP, talent programs, or any of a number of other components. We bring together specialty resources in a coordinated effort to provide critical decision-making and risk management to chart a course for the least resistance, cost, and delay in accomplishing the program’s objectives.

Embed Change

We will also support you in managing the change impacts for your teams before, during and after the transformation program.

Our change management approach can help sustain the change by:

  • Retaining the best employees by preventing decreased morale and through greater adoption for transformational change.
  • Alleviating any concerns on the ground and maintain ‘business as usual’ whilst transitioning to better ways of working.
  • Reducing the learning curve associated with a major transformation to achieve full productivity sooner.
  • Proactively manage risks ahead of time so they can be addressed ahead of implementation.